Hunger Games: How Communities Are Fighting the Injustice of ‘Food Swamps’

Hollywood, Health & Society’s signature Storybus Tour recently took writers and producers to explore communities in South and East L.A. that are fighting to improve access to healthier food.

For decades, low-income areas have suffered from a lack of access to supermarkets and fresh, affordable groceries—communities known as “food swamps”—which can lead to both obesity and malnutrition. But for some residents in South and East L.A., that picture is changing. 

On the Jan. 30 tour, writers got a first-hand look at how residents are taking back their neighborhoods when it comes to the food that’s sold and the meals that are made—from students growing their own gardens and learning healthy cooking habits to a grass-roots fruit and veggie ad campaign. They also learned about “market makeovers” that are transforming corner convenience stores, and had the chance to talk with experts who are working alongside community members in the fight against obesity and food inequality.

This full day of activities offered writers and producers a chance to be inspired and informed when it comes to crafting realistic and compelling drama, by listening to local storytellers from the streets of L.A.