Our Impact

Hollywood, Health & Society has worked with over 1100 TV series and pilots on over 60 networks and streaming services.
  • Worked with over 1100 TV series and pilots on over 60 networks and streaming services
  • Worked with shows that have as many as 16.3 million viewers 
  • Received over 4,800 inquiries from television writers 
  • Conducted 1,587 expert briefings 
  • Covered over 700 topics in inquiries and briefings
  • Worked with over 2,000 experts in inquiries and briefings
  • Over 2,600 aired storylines resulting from HH&S briefings and consultations over an 8-year period (2012-2020)
  • In recent years, our research department has grown into its own separate department called the Media Impact Project where you can find our past research and new projects
  • Published 35 peer-reviewed journal articles 
  • Provided more than 2,000 links to public health information to TV networks 
  • Worked with over 35 shows to broadcast PSAs, info spots, toll-free numbers 
  • Produced 60 quarterly Real to Reel newsletters featuring over 100 topics
  • Produced over 150 tip sheets on priority health, safety and security topics 
  • Presented at over 115 professional conferences 
  • Presented over 172 Sentinel Awards

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