Singularity University’s “Women at the Frontier 2011”

Sandra de Castro Buffington was an invited guest at Singularity University‘s “Women at the Frontier 2011: Power and Progress” forum, on Aug. 16, 2011. The panel featured top women entrepreneurs, humanitarians, innovators, scientists and techies, addressing issues relevant to humanity’s future. Among them were Lt. Col. Jacquelyn Susan “Jackie” Parker (pictured), the first woman Air Force pilot to attend U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School at Edwards AFB in California; Dr. Francine Gordon, an executive coach and organization consultant; and Joy Buolamwini (also pictured), the founder of multiple startup companies dedicated to gaming, mobile apps and web design. The keynote speaker was Marylene Delbourg-Delphis, a Silicon Valley executive and serial entrepreneur. Buffington addressed 10^9+ (“Ten to the Ninth, Plus”), a yearly challenge to SU students to develop a product or service that will positively affect 1 billion people within 10 years leveraging exponential trends, innovation and the power of entrepreneurship.