11th Annual Sentinel for Health Awards (2010)

Hollywood, Health & Society announced the winners of this year’s Sentinel for Health Awards at a moving ceremony, followed by a panel discussion with the writers on September 22 at the Writers Guild of America, West, in Los Angeles.

➻Watch a video of the 2010 Sentinel Awards here

In its eleventh year, the Sentinel for Health Awards recognizes exemplary achievements of television storylines that inform, educate and motivate viewers to make choices for healthier and safer lives. Five categories of storylines will be recognized—primetime drama, primetime drama minor storyline, children’s programming, telenovela, and global health storyline.

Primetime Drama

FIRST PLACE: Army Wives (Lifetime): “Claudia Joy’s Diabetes” (diabetes); Written by Karen Maser, Rebecca Dameron, T.D. Mitchell, Elizabeth Jacobs

SECOND PLACE: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC): “Hammered” (alcohol abuse); Written by Dawn DeNoon

THIRD PLACE: Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): “How Insensitive” (obesity and patient sensitivity); Written by Bill Harper

Primetime Minor Storyline

FIRST PLACE: Private Practice (ABC): “Triangles” (schizophrenia); Written by Steve Blackman

Children’s Programming

FIRST PLACE: Sesame Workshop (PBS Primetime Special): “Families Stand Together” (financial stress); Written by Chrissy Ferraro

SECOND PLACE: Sesame Workshop (PBS Primetime Special): “When Families Grieve” (grief & bereavement); Written by Chrissy Ferraro

Global Health Storyline

FIRST PLACE: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC): “Witness” (rape in the Congo); Written by Dawn DeNoon and Christine M. Torres


FIRST PLACE: El Cartel 2 (Caracol TV): “Larissa’s Baby” (folic acid and healthy pregnancies); Written by Jorg Hiller

SECOND PLACE: Perro Amor (Telemundo): “To Give You Folic Acid Is To Love You” (folic acid and healthy pregnancies); Written by Roberto Stopello and Juana Uribe

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